Benefits Denied - Special ReportJane Pierce spent nine years struggling alongside her husband, Todd, as he fought cancer in his sinus cavity.  The treatments were working.  Then, in July 2009, Todd died in a fiery car crash.  He was 46.  That was the beginning of a whole new battle for Jane Pierce, this time with Todd’s life insurance company, MetLife Inc.

A state medical examiner and a sheriff in Rosebud County, Montana, concluded that Pierce’s death was an accident, caused when he lost control of his silver GMC pickup after passing a car on a two-lane road.  Their findings meant Jane was eligible to collect $224,000 on the accidental death insurance policy that Todd had through his employer, power producer PPL Corp.  MetLife, however, refused to pay.  The nation’s largest life insurer told Pierce on December 8th, 2009, that her husband had killed himself.  The policy didn’t cover suicide, the insurer said…. Read Full Story Here