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The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) is a federal law that provides protection to nongovernmental employees who are participants of employment-based benefits programs, including:

Health insurance
Disability insurance
Life insurance
Long-term care insurance
Other employment-based benefits

If you have insurance through your employer and you need to file an insurance claim, protect your rights by retaining an experienced ERISA attorney. ERISA insurance claims have different rules than standard insurance claims for private insurance. The ERISA claims process is complex and people without knowledgeable counsel may have their claims wrongfully denied.

Protect Your Rights
If you have employment-based insurance and the insurance company has denied your claims, do not delay. Contact an attorney immediately. The ERISA claims process allows for an administrative hearing and an appeals process. However, if you are not successful at the administrative hearing, the District Court may only review the record from the administrative process. If you have not provided critical medical records or other evidence of your injuries or losses at that stage of the case, the District Court is precluded from reviewing new records.

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