One of the most devastating events a person can experience is the disruption of his or her family unit. Regardless of the cause, divorce, parenting, guardianship, or conservatorship actions are some of the most difficult situations facing individuals throughout our community. With the very intricate and ever-changing laws pertaining to the division of marital estates, parenting plans, and the protection of minor children or incapacitated adults, it is important that those individuals faced with these challenging circumstances have the right help in ensure that their rights are fully and completely protected. At Gannett Sowden Law, PLLC we provide experienced legal services to families and individuals facing any number of family law issues. Our attorneys are skilled in navigating the family court system and have assisted family law clients with the following family law disputes:

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Divorce: If you are contemplating divorce, or if you have been recently served with a petition for dissolution of marriage from your spouse, it is important that you find the right attorney to guide you through the court system and to advocate for the preservation of your rights in court. If you are facing an impending divorce, please talk to one of our lawyers about your options going forward.

Parenting Disputes: Whether paired with a divorce proceeding or standing on its own, a dispute over a child’s residential schedule, child support, medical care, tax treatment, and school placement is one of the most important and most difficult proceedings a parent is ever faced with. When the parenting of children is on the line, it is absolutely essential that each parent secure the right attorney to ensure that the best interest of the child and the parent’s constitutionally fundamental right to parental custody are both protected. If you find yourself in a dispute over the parenting of your children, please talk to one of our experienced lawyers about how to protect your children and yourself.

Guardianships and Conservatorships: Many times people find themselves in the position where they feel duty-bound to protect the interests of a minor or incapacitated person, even though they may not currently be in a position to do so. In Montana there are specific statutes that can be utilized to place an individual in a position of trust so as to provide financial assistance or the basic necessities of life to an individual that cannot provide for him or herself. If you find yourself in this situation, please talk to one of our experienced lawyers about how to best present your case for being appointed the guardian or conservator of a minor or incapacitated person.