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Insurance of all types – automobile, homeowners, liability, health and life – provides people with peace of mind. In the event of an accident, a fire, damage to a small business, an illness or the death of a loved one, insurance companies are supposed to provide coverage. Unfortunately, this ideal slips away for far too many people and is replaced with a shocking reality. People are denied the insurance benefits they paid for. People are denied coverage when they need it. Insurance companies act in bad faith, denying and delaying claims when coverage is needed most.

At Gannett Sowden Law, PLLC, we provide experienced legal services to policyholders involved in many types of insurance coverage disputes. If you are being treated unfairly by an insurance company, call us at 406-294-2000 or contact us to schedule your free initial consultation with a lawyer.

Our attorneys have significant knowledge of the common types of insurance coverage disputes. These disputes include the following:

Denial of insurance benefits: If you have been denied health insurance based on a preexisting condition, or if your insurance coverage has been rescinded, do not give up. Talk to one of our lawyers about your legal options.

Insurance coverage denial: This situation often involves post-claim underwriting. Once a claim has been made, the insurance provider looks into past medical records for something they claim the policy holder should have disclosed. Then they try to rescind the policy.

Insurance bad faith: Insurance companies routinely deny claims, delay claims and otherwise act in bad faith. They may deny your claim altogether or be slow to pay your claim. When you complied with the terms of your agreement, you expect the insurance company to do the same.

  ERISA Claims: If you have insurance through your employer and you need to file an insurance claim, protect your rights by retaining an experienced ERISA attorney. ERISA insurance claims have different rules than standard insurance claims for private insurance. The ERISA claims process is complex and people without knowledgeable counsel may have their claims wrongfully denied.

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